Assignment 2

TLD Paired Assignments = Deadline 26 May


3000-4000 words –Single spaced, font size 12 times new roman or Arial.


1. Was Russell right to think that definite descriptions are quantifying expressions? How do they differ from names?

Russell. "On Denoting."
Strawson. "On Referring."
Kripke. Naming and Necessity.
Neale. Descriptions.

Sana Manzoor & J Mansha

Marwa Arshad & Iram Shabir


2. Has Quine showed that there is something wrong with analyticity? Do his criticisms extend to necessity and a priority?

Quine. "Three Dogmas of Empiricism."
Hookway. Quine.
Kripke. Naming and Necessity.

Mehwish Jabeen & N Sahar

Ziaul Islam & Aftab Kazam


3. Can any useful notion of sense be salvaged from Kripke's criticisms?

Frege. "On Sense and Reference."
Kripke. Naming and Necessity.

G Begum & Zahra Khan

Nafess Ahmed, Jaffer Hussain & R Aqeel

4. Can Kripke's account of singular terms be extended to natural kind terms in the way that he envisions?

Kripke. Naming and Necessity.
Soames, S. Beyond Rigidity: The Unfinished Agenda of Naming and Necessity.


G Mubashar & Sohaib ul Hassan

Saima Saleem & Saima Talat


5. Is there good reason for believing in a referential/attributive distinction? If so, what is it a distinction between?

Donnellan. "Reference and Definite Descriptions."
Kripke. 'Speaker's Reference and Semantic Reference'
Grice. "Logic and Conversation."

S Gul & Saleha Nadeem

Afshan Riaz & Taskeen Ayesha


6. What are presuppositions? What happens when they are not met?

Lewis. "Scorekeeping in a Language Game."
Von Fintel. "Would you Believe it? The King of France is Back!"
Yablo. "Non-Catastrophic Presupposition Failure."

N Abbas & Afzal Khan

Amara Kousar & Shumaila Shameem