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2 Morphology & Syntax

Course Profile

Course Information:

Program:                  MA English 
Semester                 2nd Semester
Code:                       LNX530
Course Title:            Morphology and Syntax
Credit Hrs.:              3
Pre-requisites:        Course Contact Hours:     48                                           

Instructor Information:

Name:                      Ubaidullah Qazi
Email:                       ubaid.qazi  @
Office Location:      Jinnah Block - 1st Floor
Office Phone:          051-5151437 ext 217
Office meeting Hrs. (to be confirmed)

Course Description:
This course applies linguistic principles to the study of the English vocabulary and examines morphemes and how they combine to form English words. Topics include an overview of the history of English with particular emphasis on word development, word histories, sound change and meaning change, sources of new words, usage and variation, and slang. Syntax areas include constituents, phrase structure rules, and basics of X-Bar theory.
Course Objectives:

By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to:
• become familiar with linguistic terminology relating to phonological, syntactic, and morphological analysis.
• describe and illustrate key issues in the early history of the English language and in the development of English vocabulary
in the Early modern and Modern period of the history of English.
• define and illustrate the concept of the morpheme, allomorphy, word formation processes in English.
• analyze vocabulary items in terms of deletion rules, replacement rules, and semantic shift.
• recognize and pronounce unassimilated and assimilated vocabulary from glossed (translated) words in language other than English.

Weekly Distribution of course contents:

Week #




Problem Set/





 1 Morphology,
Intro & Basic concepts
 2 A study of formation of words     
 3 Derivational & Inflectional Morphology
Problems in morphological description
 4 Classes and functions of words:
Content & function words
 5 Features of English Verbs and modal auxiliaries     
 6 Neologism     
 7 Syntax
Background and basic concepts
 8 Mid Term Exam     
 9 Competence and performance     
 10 The concept of structure (TGG)
Deep and Surface Structure
 11 Structural Ambiguity     
 12 Constituent Analysis
Phrase Structure Rules
 13 X-bar Theory     
 14 Passive Transformation     
 15 Presentation     
 16  Final Exams     

Core Reading:
Morphology and Syntax Reader (available to be downloaded)

Other Sources:
 Linguistics for Everyone: An Introduction, (2013) Second Edition, Kristin Denham, Anne Lobeck , Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

Note: This outline has been created as a resource for course participants, but the faculty reserves the right to make changes and modifications, if deemed necessary.


Grading Model:

  • Sessional: Assignments / Quiz / Presentations  - 25Marks
  • Mid-Term – 25 Marks
  • Final Term – 50 Marks
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