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SM Project

Research Project – Societal Multilingualism

‘In what direction the multilingualism in Rawalpindi and Islamabad heading?’

Sub Questions:

What is the nature of multilingualism in Rwp/Isb?
Is the state of multilingualism changing over generations?

(add a few more questions here)

The project is initially descriptive, then analytical, and finally predictive (if possible).

Descriptive Stage:
Collection Data Set 1: (Spring 15)

Some Research Questions:

1.      What languages are spoken as their mother tongue by primary school students in Rawalpindi/Islamabad?

2.      Collect data from at least 50 schools.

a.      The selection of schools should be representative of the total population of the area.

3.      Are there any patterns in their use of native language and the school they go to?

4.      Identify the most diverse schools and the causes for their linguistic diversity.

5.      An important question to get answer for is that do children speak the same language as their parents’ native language or another one?

6.      Do you see any patterns between ethnicity and the frequency of children’s native language?

7.      Is there any relationship between the speakers’ langauges(s) and their (parents’) socio-economic status, education,

How are you going to collect this data?



Identify the questions that you’d like to ask the children?



Identify the questions you’d like to ask their teachers?



Identify the questions you’d like to ask their parents?


How are you going to analyse and report this data?

(Any other questions)