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RM Linguistics

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

MS English Linguistics

Course Details:

Course Title:               Research Methodology in Linguistics   

Course Code:             RES615

Credit Hours:              3

Total Contact Hours:  42-48

Class Timing:             1530-1830 – Every Thursday

Class Venue:              Room 21, Ground Floor Iqbal Block

Course Website:

Tutor Information:

Course Tutor:             Ubaidullah A Qazi

Email:                         ubaid[DOT]qazi[AT]fui[DOT]edu[DOT]pk

Phone:                        051 5151431 Ext: 295

Office:                       First Floor, Department of English

Visiting Hours:           Mon, Wed 1245-1500hrs, Friday 0900-1230

Course Description:

This course aims to introduce participants to selected research techniques and approaches within the qualitative and quantitative research paradigms. It also aims to enable them to develop the skillset required for using appropriate tools for collecting data, to gain an awareness of the ways to analyze and report qualitative and quantitative data and to understand ethical issues at all stages of the research process.

Required Books:

1.      Heigham, J, Croker, R A (2009) Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics, Palgrave MacMillan

2.      Sebastian M. Rasinger (2013) Quantitative Research in Linguistics. Bloomsbury

3.      Wray, A. & Trott, K., Bloomer, A., Reay, S., Butler, C. (1998). Projects in Linguistics: A Practical Guide to Researching Language. Edward Arnold

Additional Books:

1.      Litosseliti, L. (2010) Research Methods in Linguistics, Continuum Books

2.      Mackey, A. & Gass, S. M. (2005) Second Language Research: Methodology and Research, Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

3.      Cohen L, Manion L. & Morrison K (2007) Research Methods in Education, Routledge

4.      Podesva, Robert J. & Sharma, Devyani Research Methods in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press

5.      Grix, Jonathan (2004) The Foundations of Research, Palgrave

Note: All above books are available for download from course website.

Class Schedule


Topic / Reading 1

Topic / Reading 2


·               General Introduction to the Program

o   Program Policies

o   Faculty / Schedule etc

·               Introduction to the Course

·               Discussion of course syllabus and course policies

·               Overview of Research Methods in Linguistics 


A)           RML-Reading1-Research Methodology-An Introduction – Kothari


(Chapter 2, p.19-38, Wray et al) 


Quantitative, Qualitative or Both? Combining Methods in Linguistic Research

(Chapter 2, p.29-48, Litosseliti)

*First Language Acquisition

(Chapter 3, p.39-53, Wray et al)


Discourse Analytic Approaches to Text & Talk

(Chapter 6, p.117-137, Litosseliti)

*Conversation Analysis

(Chapter 7, p.54-62), Wray et al)


Linguistic Ethnography

(Chapter 7, p.138-154, Litosseliti)

*Second Language Acquisition

(Chapter 5, p.63-77, Wray et al) 


Contemplating Interviews and Focus Groups

(Chapter 8, p.155-179, Litosseliti)

*Styles in Texts

(Chapter 6, p.77-87, Wray et al) 


Multi modal Analysis

(Chapter 9, p.180-197, Litosseliti)


(Chapter 7, p.89-98, Wray et al) 


Narrative Analysis in Linguistic Research

(Chapter 10, p.198-215, Litosseliti)

*Accents & Dialects of English

(Chapter 8, p.98-111, Wray et al)


Mid Term Exam



**Tape Recording Data & Transcription

(Chapter 12, p.153-157, Wray et al)


*Language and Gender

(Chapter 11, p.139-152, Wray et al)


Ethics and Trustworthiness

(Chapter 13, p.153-157, Wray et al)

Designing a Quantitative Study

(Chapter 5, p.137-161, Mackey & Gass) 



(Chapter 14, p.167-181, Wray et al)

Qualitative Research

(Chapter 6, p.162-184, Mackey & Gass) 



(Chapter 15, p.182-185, Wray et al)


(Chapter 8, p.221-249, Mackey & Gass) 


**Observation and Case Studies

(Chapter 16, p.186-193, Wray et al)

Analyzing quantitative data

(Chapter 9, p.250-296, Mackey & Gass)


Concluding and Reporting Research

(Chapter 10, p. 297-320, Mackey & Gass)

Plagiarism and How to Avoid it

Chapter 22, p.241-254, Wray et al) 


Final Exam



* Project Areas for Linguistics

* *Techniques for Collecting Data

Note: This outline has been created as a resource for course participants, but the faculty reserves the right to make changes and modifications, if deemed necessary.

Course Policies

  • Emailed assignments will not be accepted, unless authorized first.
  • Hard copies of all written assignments must be turned in on or before the due date at no later than 1530 hrs. The assignments will be collected by the CR who will then hand them over to me. Direct submissions will not be accepted.
  • Late submission of assignment will be penalized by lowering of the grade/mark by 5% daily.

·         Remember to proofread your assignments for language, grammar and style errors.

·         APA referencing and citation style will be followed


Please read the assigned material in advance of the class for a more constructive and participative discussion.

Grading Model:

  • Mid-Term – 20 Marks
  • Final Term – 50 Marks
  • Sessional – 30 Marks (Any combination of the following)
    • Assignments x 2 (both are compulsory)
    • Quiz x 2
    • Presentation / Project x 1   
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