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Registration Announcement

Dear CRs,

All students must pay full fee and register their courses by Friday 06 March? Without registration, your name won't appear on attendance sheet, hence no attendance will be marked!

Here's the process of registration:
1. Collect Challan Form from accounts office.
2. Pay FULL fee at Bank counter (Askari Bank on campus)
3. Submit one receipt in accounts office.
4. Attach a photocopy of other receipt (student's copy) with registration form
5. Submit registration form to my office. (Forms available from my office)
6. Register courses on CMS

If you've forgotten your CMS login password, then do the following
Subject: Help - Lost CMS Account Login
Message: Dear Sir, I've lost my CMS account login credentials.  Could you please email me the password. 
your name
your registration number
Program/ semester