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HEC Outline (IS)

The course aims to familiarize the students with some of the major theories and issues in syntax. The course will help them understand and appreciate the relation between syntactic theories.



·       Universal Grammar

o   Principles and parameters

o  Categories and features

o   X-Bar Theory

·       Syntactic Structure

·       Merger; empty categories

·       Movement

o   Head movement

o   Verb Movement

o   Negation

o   Case and agreement

o   Operator Movement

·       Economy Principle

·       Split projections


Recommended Readings:

1.                Baker, L. C. (1995). English Syntax. The MIT Press.

2.                Chomsky, N. (2004). Beyond Explanatory Adequacy. Structures and Beyond. In Belletti Adriana (Ed.), The Cartography of Syntactic Structure. Vol 3. Oxford: OUP. (104-131).

3.                Haegeman, L. (1994). Introduction to Government and Binding Theory. Blackwell.

4.                Miller, J. (2008). An Introduction to English Syntax. Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language.

5.                Radford, A. (1997a). A Minimalist Introduction. CUP.

6.                Radford, A. (1997b). Syntactic Theory and the Structure of English: A Minimalist Approach. Cambridge University Press. 

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