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3-Intro to Applied Linguistics

Introduction to Applied Linguistics

MS English: Fall 2014

Foundation University (FURC)


Course Tutor: Ubaidullah A Qazi                            Credit Hours: 3 (Time tbc)
Total Contact Hours: 48                                          Venue:  Room TBC, Iqbal Block, FURC
Email:                                 Phone: : 051 5151431 Ext: 217
Office: Room 10, First Floor, Jinnah Block
Office Visiting Hours: Tue-Thu 1330-1500hrs



Schmitt, N. (2010) An Introduction to Applied Linguistics, Hodder & Stoughton

  • Additional readings will be assigned, if deemed necessary
  • Please consider this outline a resource. I reserve the right to make changes if considered necessary.


Course Description:

This course is designed to foster an informed professional outlook on the field of applied linguistics in general. This course has the following objectives:


·       To provide a broader background about the field of applied linguistics in general
·       To familiarize students with common concepts and terminologies within the field, and how this area of research informs language learning and vice versa
·       To introduce students to some of the key debates in applied linguistics in the different subfields. In addition to being introduced to the major areas of applied linguistics, students will be expected to develop critical reading abilities, assessing the merits of different philosophical positions and the nature of the evidence in support of each position

  • Weekly Schedule
Description of language and language use

WEEK 1. An overview of applied linguistics (Norbert Schmitt and Marianne Celce-Murcia)

WEEK 2. Grammar (Diane Larsen-Freeman and Jeanette DeCarrico)

WEEK 3. Vocabulary (Paul Nation and Paul Meara)

WEEK 4. Discourse analysis (Michael McCarthy, Christian Matthiessen and Diana Slade)

WEEK 5. Pragmatics (Helen Spencer-Oatey and Vladimir Zegarac)

WEEK 6. Corpus linguistics (Randi Reppen and Rita Simpson-Vlach)

Essential areas of enquiry in applied linguistics

WEEK 7. Second language acquisition (Nina Spada and Patsy M. Lightbown)

WEEK 8. Psycholinguistics (Kees de Bot and Judith F. Kroll)

 Mid Semester Exam

 WEEK 10. Sociolinguistics (Carmen Llamas and Peter Stockwell)

WEEK 11. Focus on the language learner: styles, strategies and motivation (Andrew D. Cohen)

 Language skills and assessment

WEEK 12. Listening (Tony Lynch and David Mendelsohn)

WEEK 13. Speaking and pronunciation (Anne Burns and Barbara Seidlhofer)

WEEK 14. Reading (Patricia L. Carrell and William Grabe)               Assignment1 Due: Week 14

WEEK 15. Writing (Tony Silva and Paul Kei Matsuda)

WEEK 16. Assessment (Carol A. Chapelle and Geoff Brindley)

WEEK 17. Suggested solutions

End Semester Exam

Assignment 1

Presentation on weekly topic plus critique/reflection (5%)

Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that has seen many changes and innovation in the last thirty years. You will need to form into pairs for this assignment. A schedule for the presentation will be decided in the first class and each pair will take one chapter from the list below, prepare a short powerpoint/ handout (with enough copies to share amongst class members) and present the topic to the class. You will present that topic and discuss its characteristics, presuppositions, contributions and the contributors. The final part of your presentation should highlight critiques and tensions that exist in that particular field. Presentations should be 15-20 minutes long.


The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics (Book is available to download)


1.     Chapter 6, Institutional discourse, Roberts

2.     Chapter 10, Forensic Linguistics, Rock

3.     Chapter 20, Language Socialization, He

4.     Chapter 22, Identity, Norton

5.     Chapter 23, Gender, Baxter

6.     Chapter 24, Ethnicity, Harris

7.     Chapter 25, Sign Languages, Woll & Sutton Spence

8.     Chapter 26, World Englishes, Kirkpatrick & Deterding

9.     Chapter 27, Linguistic Imperialism, Canagarajah & Said

10.  Chapter 34, Socio cultural and cultural historical theories of development, Thorne & Tasker

11.  Chapter 44, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Young

12.  Chapter 47, Multimodality, Leeuwen

Assignment 2

Survey of Journals in Applied Linguistics (5% each; total 10%)                                       Due: Week  14

Choose a recent issue (no more than five years old) of two of the applied linguistics journals listed below. Write a 1-2 page summary and reaction to each journal and issue, and the articles in it. Things to consider when writing your summary include: Who are the people contributing to this journal generally and this issue specifically? Who appears to be the target audience for this journal? What languages are represented in this journal? Do the articles in this journal focus more on research or practical ideas for teaching (or a combination of both)? Which articles do you find most interesting and why?

·       Modern Language Journal

·       TESOL Quarterly

·       Applied Linguistics

·       Foreign Language Annals

·       Language Learning

·       Studies in Second Language Acquisition



Course Policies:

Student Responsibilities

Attendance, at-home preparation, and active in-class participation are vital to your success in this class.

• Students are expected to complete the assigned readings for a given day prior to class, to participate actively in class discussions, and to provide thoughtful completion of all assignments.

• All assignments are expected to be well written and free of grammatical errors. .

• Work not submitted on time will be penalized by the lowering of 5% of the marks every day.

• If you have questions about any of the readings, assignments, or anything else in relation to this course, I strongly recommend that you come see me during office hours or set up an appointment that fits your schedule. You can also email me at any time.


_Use Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 line spacing, alignment justified. Follow Harvard  referencing style.

·         Your assignments will be put through Turn it in for a plagiarism check so make sure that you do not plagiarize any material intentionally or accidentally. A zero will be awarded for plagiarized work.

·    Submit a print copy of your complete assignment including appendices on the assigned date to the CR. Do not submit directly. Assignment is due in Week 14. Extensions will not be granted


(Assignments adapted from McGregor)


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